Authentic and unique

Serra da Estrela

Authentic and unique

Curd Cheese
Serra da Estrela

Authentic and unique

Serra da Estrela

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Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), a demanding denomination, which guarantees quality and authenticity, intrinsically linked to the following characteristics.

The cheese is produced in the Serra da Estrela geographical region

It is made only with raw milk from native sheep, Serra da Estrela and/or Churra Mondegueira, fed exclusively on natural pasture from the geographical area of Serra da Estrela.

Only thistle flower and salt can be added to the milk.

The cheese, after the maturation period, is submitted to a tasting panel accredited by IPAQ and accredited tasters, which evalutes its flavour, texture, aroma, in strict compliance with the Serra da Estrela PDO production rules.

A genuine Serra da Estrela

Labelling distinguishes genuine Serra da Estrela:

The European symbol of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Hologram produced by Casa da Moeda, which guarantees to be an authentic Serra da Estrela PDO

Casein mark, with serial number, that accompanies the cheese from production to the final consumer

A Millennial Tradition

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