Serra da Estrela PDO Lamb

94,43 /Und

Serra da Estrela PDO Lamb is a chilled meat obtained from Serra da Estrela, indigenous breed, son of a father and mother registered in the Herd Book.

Serra da Estrela Lamb feeds on breast milk and some pasture that they eat while they are with their mother. The producer does not prepare any food for these animals.

Serra da Estrela Lamb is a high-quality product created exclusively with maternal milk with a carcass weight of up to 7 kg. They have a well-distributed, homogeneous, and well-presented subcutaneous fat. The meat has a very smooth taste, being particularly soft and tender.

Many traditional recipes are made with this meat, and lamb is often roasted in a wood-fired oven. ENJOY IT!!!

Unit price: 94.43 €
Price per kg: 13.49 €
Weight can vary between 5,5kg and 7kg


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